EBRA Conference 2019
EBRA Conference 2019
5-7 June 2019

Welcome to EBRA 2019 Conference in Tallinn

“Moving towards inspired yet responsible digital changes“

5-7 June 2019, Swissotel Tallinn, Estonia


We are happy to invite you to the first conference of the European Business Registry Association (EBRA).

The EBRA was formed in 2019 as a result of the merger between the European Commerce Registers’ Forum (ECRF) and the European Business Register (EBR).

The Conference itself, previously named after the ECRF, will be held for the 22nd time and provides a chance for business registries to jointly explore common issues, and exchange ideas, knowledge and expertise.


Digital progress is transforming not only our registries, but our societies and economies as well, challenging the effectiveness of policies developed earlier. It is our duty to face these challenges to meet the needs and expectations of citizens and businesses.

The goal should be to make things effective not only for the business registers, but for end-users as well. The changes have to be useful for the economy as a whole. That is why the effect should not only be measured by reducing the time and money spent by the government, but also by how much the private sector and the economy benefits from the changes through the freeing up of resources usually spent on bureaucracy and administration.

It is time to lay the foundations for further digital evolution and joint actions between business registers to provide borderless, user-friendly, end-to-end digital services to all businesses. Our efforts can be greatly facilitated by collaboration, interoperable solutions and sharing good practices.

The Conference is hosted by the Ministry of Justice and the Centre of Registers and Information Systems and will involve a variety of interactive panels moderated by Ms. Kätlin Kattai as we explore the possibilities of inspiring yet responsible solutions to the challenges of digital progress.

In addition to the conference, you are also invited to take part of the ‘Once-Only & Business Registers workshop organised in collaboration with the Once-Only Principle Project.

The Conference registration will be open until 21st of May.